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  1. @richbuff Good tip that: tried IE instead of Chrome and the support form works like a charm - go figure! Before, I submitted, I thought I would check Edge Chromium one last time. Not only it appears to have updated, but the aforementioned self-cert issue appears to have gone. Well, I guess this has been a learning experience all round. Thanks again. Daniel
  2. @richbuff Ah, therein lies the problem. I have made a number of attempts to submit a support request but apparently I need superhero powers to enable that submit button . They need to clear the help text when a user types in the problem description, rather than what you see below😫.
  3. I think I might have overestimated this forum’s effectiveness as regards solving real world issues. Having a beta in the wild is to highlight these sorts of problems and to get early resolution By all means trot out the tick box mantras. However, I would like to solve the issue as to why Kapersky is flagging the Chromium Edge self cert. Just not on here…..
  4. Hi @FLOOD Windows 10 which updated last week, is on the monthly update ring. I am away from it at the moment so can't confirm the exact build number. Edge Chromium is getting close to public preview so hardly an early beta. Anyway, the issue seems to be with Kapersky - but by all means please install Chromium Edge and verify this - the isolated account profile feature gives it the edge ? over Google chrome.
  5. Edge chromium Insider and I keep getting this error message. I have exported the cert and added to the trusted certificate authority (local machine) but still getting that annoying error dialog. Also, why is my version of Kaspersky not updated to 2020 , given the expense of renewing my subscription. BTw the support request form is useless as not matter what I enter in the mandatory fields the submit/save button is not enabled - perhaps you should test this.
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