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  1. Hehe. I received another email from support! And this is 100% copy/past of the email which I received earlier!
  2. I received today a response from the support team that the issue is solved. But I can't confirm that - I see exactly the same application behavior and errors on my side.
  3. I answered with all requested files witn no real response from Kaspersky. After 7-10 days I receive again auto generated email "We don't hear from you". Today I sent the answer again the the case is not solved. Lets see if it would work out.
  4. I received email with the subject: "We haven't heard from you for a week - ID INC000014959482" - in couple days the case will be closed. I did contact support via chat, I sent report from Windows app. But the email is the only response I have. What I can do?
  5. My current support case for which I sent the report yesterday from my vpn app - ID INC000014959482 Thank you
  6. Hello, I have connection issues for my vpn. It works fine for Android and iOS but very unstable for all my Windows devices. Unstable - it works couple days per month only. Error message is standard - "Can't connect, try again later". I did read the VPN documentation, tried to clear cache and all I could find - nothing helps. Then I created support cases twice with full description for my issue. For each case I received email from you about how to collect report in my vpn app. I created and sent the report and my case... automatically closed after 6-10 days without any answer. Then I tried to contact your support via chat. In the chat the support person sent me the same email as I did receive on previous step. After this the support person said me "goodbye" and I even could not explain why the support is not good enough for my case, at least now. I expect that I have to wait again 6-10 days before my case will be automatically closed without answer - not sure about this but previous cases looks the same until this. What might be my next step?
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