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  1. Sorry for the late reply. I am getting this screen showing expired licenses and the new license I bought
  2. I did that but the license is still sending to the two devices as you can see from the screenshot.
  3. The notification are for expired KIS. My license expired on Dec 22,2019
  4. I selected Sign into my Kaspersky. I never entered the code into the apps. Instead I went to myKasperky licenses and pushed the license to the two devices
  5. 1. Yes I have installed KIS on both devices from Google Play store 2. I have restarted the devices severally but I have not yet received the license 3. Both phones are running on Android 9(Pie), and I installed the latest KIS from the Playstore
  6. I bought Kaspersky Total Security with KIS for Mac -1 License and Kaspersky Internet Security for Android-3 devices. I pushed the License from myKaspersky to two phone and over 24 hours later they still read "sending license" Question is, why can't the licenses be pushed instantly or within a reasonable time?
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