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  1. @Berny Version Updated July 14, 2021 Size 621KiB I also tried Re-installing Extension several times… However it works with other browsers like FireFox… Just problem with only Google Chrome and my Main Browser is Google Chrome
  2. But I already know my Main Password of KPM… Even I could Login to KPM Application… Problem is just with Google Chrome Extension….
  3. I have just Re-Installed my Windows 7 Ultimate and Re-Installed KasperSky Total Security with Premium version of KasperSky Password Manager… I also installed KasperSky Password Manager Google chrome Extension… I can Login to KPM with my Main Password but Google Chrome Extension gives error “Incorrect Main Password”. Evenif the Main Password entered is correct… I have also tried the solutions given in KP Help sections but couldn’t resolve the error… Kindly help me to resolve the error
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