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  1. my KSK is always turn off feature and it needs to relogging account every time. so i always relogging by manual every time in order to enable KSK in Application. Could you check with my photos here. Thanks! for your helping
  2. 1. it usually needed relogging after a few days, and always turnoff with Location features on android phone, so i always check every week by manual 2. about Android OS, it has the problem with old model and new model too 3. my KSK is not Premium
  3. @Flood and Flood's wife i cannot drop video here, but i try drop an picture here, 1. i have problem with my kid while using other app always shown pop up interrupt 2. always turn off after a week
  4. @Flood and Flood's wife plz kindly give me a solution with my 2 problems in videos here Thank for your answer
  5. Hello @Flood and Flood's wife Thank for your answer they used on Android mobile phone, and about IOS mobile phone i cannot block any app as like android mobile phone, so i will share an video here plz kindly tell me Thank
  6. while i using any apps the Kaspersky Safe Kid always pop up interrupt my action while using other app. it so disturb.
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