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  1. Look it's very weird but after reinstalling the KPM for Windows, it's working lol ?
  2. Yes, it's installed and works on Chrome.. Again the issue is only about FF..
  3. I reinstalled Kaspersky for Windows and the extension of Kaspersky protection operates well!! But the KPM extension is not ? maybe you know what can I try to do to fix that?
  4. Okay, I believe you ? It's very weird and I don't know what to do to fix that lol
  5. But the extensions operate well on Chrome, why do reinstall Kaspersky?
  6. It's enabled (see attachment), and I see only the grey icon. The manually install doesn't help. Do you know more options to fix it?
  7. Hi, I have Kaspersky Premium version I installed the Firefox browser and installed the Kaspersky protection and Kaspersky password manager extensions and I have a problem. The protection extension is shown in grey color, and the KPM is shown in red color and asks me to download and install the Windows app (screenshots attached). I'd be happy to get help to fix this issue.
  8. Hey, I'd like to ask why in the Windows app of Kaspersky registered 2021 and not 2022?
  9. Ok Thank you very much for the links and explanations.
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