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  1. Hey, I'd like to ask why in the Windows app of Kaspersky registered 2021 and not 2022?
  2. Ok Thank you very much for the links and explanations.
  3. I deleted and reinstalled the app for Windows and it worked out. Thanks anyway :)
  4. Hey, I installed KPM extension in Firefox browser and this is not work - see the picture I attached. How can I’ll fix that’s issue?
  5. Hey, I am concerned about the question which browser is safer in term of security and privacy. I’d love to get an answers and recommendations about optional browser. Firefox/Vivaldi/Brave/Edge?
  6. Ok Do you know what the limitations of the Israeli version are?
  7. Hey, I try to figure it out what is the differences between The Global region vs Israel version.. I’d be happy to get answer that clarify the difference.
  8. Hey, If I’ve a few usernames and passwords in one site (like Gmail accounts), Why I can’t save them separately and I get a one box with all the logins?
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