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  1. At first, have in mind that photos and text were made about an hour and 45 minutes ago. Since I at first just wrote an e-mail to Kaspersky Support, the text below is a copy-paste from the e-mail message. // Hi, I already used some VPN traffic over my laptop today (starting at 00:00), so the info on the web page statistics is probably the right one. But, however, why does my VPN application show totally different information? At first it was somewhere about 90 MB (from then it had already increased), but after some disconnecting and reconnecting VPN sessions it showed 22 MB and a few minutes ago 0 MB (right now 5 MB) Br. //
  2. Link I understand it’s a competitor to your updating product but listing it as harmfull while it’s not, is bad, very bad.
  3. VPN service is a part of Security Cloud. Yes, my gaming laptop meets the requirements. P.s.: You can close/delete this topic, I opened it again at the place you advised.
  4. It happens very often that the VPN application in PC, Windows 10, 64bit, closes itself after clicking on to turn secure connection ON. I don’t have problems on phone.
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