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  1. as I predicted - the answer from the machine, written in such a way that "the answer is written, but you don't have to get overworked" I'll tell you something - I wrote my first program in 1984, and until today I am "playing" in programming and generally accepted computer science it has been related to my work environment for over 10 years for over a year, due to the global situation, under the pretext of this situation, the services have been automated - it is interesting that over 70% of my work is also performed remotely, but I am able to answer everyone personally Polish support? sorry but what is this? does not exist - under the pretext of just prevailing situations, their answer has not yet come, the only thing they offer is waiting for a response and selling software (because why bother? I was looking for software for my son that would not burden a 15-year-old computer / laptop - the praised kaspersky seemed the best choice, unfortunately - as I wrote earlier - aversion to Poland, treating other people as a sub-category, caused by politics - is it worth it all this? I am very allergic to all manifestations of racism (my father was born during the 2nd war in a concentration camp), especially when people are suffering. I thought Kaspersky would be above politics, creating software for all people - I was wrong, it turns out that Trinidad & Tobago is more respected than Poland ...
  2. Yes, I will wait for but.. I have be threated from automated response, how is commont in every support in novadays… if will be the human and act like, it will be great greetings
  3. 40 milion’s people country as Poland is, is not mentioned even, but some countries with really not dense habitation like Slovakia (6 milion of citizens) or even Trinidad and Tobago (1,4 milions of citizens)(SIC!) are… I know than Poland is not liked in Russia, but thrully I not care about, I’m THE human FIRST, born on Earth and my place of habitation is not important because I may change it for some another… even polish support is … or better is said - not existant… did the nation as Poland is must be a victim of political correctness, because some p[olitict not think about their citizens but only about their “rights” ? I not agree with… and now I’m really frustrated, because I hate treating other people differently, and what's going on here is typical political racism I was born in a place (like my father) where racism was paramount - and I hate treating people this way. What is Trinidad & Tobago better than Poland? why can they have and we can't? this is no exception, there are more things like that, same in Kaspersky ...
  4. “”this aplication is not avaible in your region”” from web-page is announced than:”” Licensing problem” “”Application is not activated Protection is disabled. Updates for databases and application modules are unavailable. Purchase a license and enter an activation code to activate the application.”” I not chosethe purchased version but version FREEWAREwhen I enter the MyKasperski website from the application level, it constantly redirects me to my region's page - which does not have even half of all Kaspersky applications.For over 3 hours, I have been trying all the ways available to me to activate the application - none of that.
  5. Welcome. After installation, the antivirus is still disabled as it has not been activated. Nowhere can I find out where to activate the freeware version of the program. There is no version of Security Cloud in my language - so questions to local / national departments are pointless AMD Platform on Windows 10/21H1 , Kaspersky Security Cloud version
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