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  1. Oh and before you say "Exclusion" that only works when your software wants it too... I use a lot of old software, and you guys prevent me from using perfectly okay software.. I just want to be in control of what my computer does.
  2. I tried to my best to find these answers myself. I searched Google and your knowledgebase, not knowing exactly how to word what I'm looking for and getting so frustrated that I wanted to break my computer. Why is it so hard for me to be in control of what this software does? I've spent 45 minutes going over and over the menus trying to find how to simply get Kasperskies grubby little hands off my removable devices. All i want out of this thing is just basic background scanning. You guys have waaaaay to much control over my comptuer. You make perfectly good files disappear, and make it so I can't use them and I have no idea to turn that off. I have no idea how to keep you from my attacking my external hard drives and just doing what you want. It takes me 45 minutes to find the quarantined items EVERYTIME i have to go there because its just convoluted and the software is really good at running you around in circles. It's not intuitive by all. Yes there are lots of options, but what do they actually do? I dont know, I just now can't ever find the stuff I'm looking for. I realize im using a free version, I'm honestly afraid to buy the full version because of how much control I have to give up to you guys to use the free version, but Windows Defender is even worse and the only way to get it to not babysit me is to install a third party suite. There is nothing I hate more than handing a company money for them to infringe on my freedom. Kaspersky is the lightest, and least intrusive but seriously guys I'm a PC tech, i dont need to be babysat by anyone. I just want software to tell me when there is a potential problem, freeze the process and present me with options, I want kaspersky to NEVER do anything on its own without telling me, and letting me choose. When I say something is okay, I want it to be the final word, I dont want it to do whatever it wants to do anyway, which is what it currently does. Can anyone tell me how i can make Kaspersky leave my external drives alone, and to stop doing what it wants when it wants on my system?
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