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  1. Hi. For quite some time, I have been getting random crashes on boot in Windows 10 Pro version 1909 with latest updates, with Kaspersky Security Cloud Free version installed. The BSOD says: KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED with the fault being in the driver “klkbdflt.sys”, and after the machine has rebooted, the Kaspersky program usually comes up with “The previous application launch failed” with around 80MB of data to send each time it happens. I’ve sent the report once, and I will not sent it again. The crash minidump is attached. Upon further inspection in minidump analyzer tool, i have found out that the driver in question “klkbdflt.sys” is labeled version “fre-win7-amd64”. Could it be that the driver is too old to run on windows 10? it looks like that version of the driver is designed for windows 7. How do I fix this?
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