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  1. I can confirm Kaspersky Free is now available for download, and when tested with Proton VPN, in split tunnel mode, internet access was available for both browsers inside and outside the VPN tunnel.
  2. I can confirm Kaspersky is now available for download, and when tested with Proton VPN, in split tunnel mode, internet access was available for browsers inside and outside the VPN tunnel.
  3. Hello Flood and Flood's wife, SystemInfo, and Guest If the AMTSO antivirus test website, is accurate, Kaspersky software does appear to detect phishing and malicious website URLs when using the Brave browser. When I tested older Kaspersky software, it failed the AMTSO phishing website test page, but tested recently it correctly detected the phishing test, which it could only do if it was analyzing the URL. Obviously, additional features specific to the Kaspersky browser extension can't be included in Brave, but malicious website detection, seems now to be operational. Flood and Flood's wife, I'm not sure whether you or Kaspersky are able to further test website detection in Brave. Even if it remained officially unsupported, and without the Kaspersky extension, it would be helpful to confirm Kaspersky software, could now properly detect malicious websites when using Brave. Thank you.
  4. Hello @Igor Kurzin Sorry, I should have included you in my earlier comment. So you're aware, it's currently no longer possible to install any version of Kaspersky Standard, Plus or Free etc. other than version Regardless, which older installer I tried, Kaspersky force downloads, so it's not possible to install version 21.13 or earlier. As feedback, it would be helpful if Kaspersky allowed at least the two previous versions to be available, after a new version is released. I appreciate Kaspersky not wanting very old software, to be used, but when an issue arrives, being able to install the previous working version is not only helpful, it gives Kaspersky greater time to resolve the problem. Thank you.
  5. Hello nomorenews You can definitely disable security news if using Kaspersky Free. Log into your My Kaspersky account, web browser, not software. At the top right (next to your account name) is a bell icon, click that. You will see a Notifications option for Security News, untick the box and this will switch off Security News notifications, within your software. I've done it myself, and it works. Note this won't stop the promotional popups, that are part of Kaspersky Free, but will stop all Security News notifications. It initially confused me, that it had to be disabled via the website account page, not the software.
  6. Hello hhhhh Unfortunately, it's no longer possible to install any version of Kaspersky Standard, Plus, Free etc. other than A day or so ago I tested several earlier version installers and regardless which one I used, Kaspersky downloaded It did work earlier in the month, but Kaspersky has possibly switched to a single version download. So while it's possible to block a version upgrade, it's no longer possible to install the earlier version required.
  7. Just general information. It is now no longer possible to install any version of Kaspersky Free (and also Standard, Plus and Premium), than, as the installer now automatically downloads that version. If you're currently running 21.13.5, or older, the registry change I mentioned earlier will still block the update, but it's no longer possible to install anything other than I reinstalled Windows, and found, regardless which Kaspersky Free installation file I used, it always downloaded I installed Security Cloud Free in the end. Hopefully version 21.15, that's been mentioned as the solution, will be released soon.
  8. Hello Gray Though curious to know why it cannot be toggled from Startup apps > Task Manager. One reason is it could permit malicious code, to disable Kaspersky, leaving it unprotected at next start up. Within the app, the setting can be password protected. Interface settings, untick Configure application settings.
  9. Hello SunShineLucy In the final paragraph, I forgot to add, re-enable Self-Defense in Kaspersky after deleting the String value. FYI - Regedit is also known as Registry Editor in Windows programs list. If you're in any way unsure about editing the registry, far safer to just not touch it, and wait for Kaspersky to announce an update fix to their software.
  10. Hello SunShineLucy Install the older version of Kaspersky you want to use. Confirm it's earlier than After installation, and activation, open app, go to Security, Settings, Self-Defense and untick enable Self-Defense, then save. Disconnect internet just for the moment. In Windows, open Regedit Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\KasperskyLab\AVP21? (whichever version you have installed). Expand folder, then click on and open environment folder. In the environment folder, right-click the window and select New, String Value. Enter IsVersionUpdateEnabled as string value name, then enter the value of 0. Check the string value appears in the window, then close. Reconnect internet. Open Kaspersky, go to Security, Settings, Self-Defense, tick enable Self-Defense, then save. Operation and database updates are unaffected, but the application should remain on the version you start with. To later allow Kaspersky to update to a newer software version, disable Self-Defense as before. Open Regedit, go to the same environment folder and delete the IsVersionUpdateEnabled string value you previously created.
  11. Hello SunShineLucy Thank you for the information. I've installed an older version, Kaspersky Free, and applied the registry modification, so will see whether it holds on that version. Given the beta test reported in the Kaspersky Standard, Plus, Premium forum, hopefully it won't be too long before a final modified version is made available. Thank you again.
  12. Hello Jones G Thank you for the information, that is good news. Hopefully, as you say, a final update won't be too long.
  13. Hello SunshineLucy Thank you for the thought. You can, as you've found, install the previous version of Kaspersky Free, but it will force update back to at some point. It might not happen immediately, but you can't stop it, and version updates are delivered much like signature updates, it won't be until it's already been installed, that you'll know of the change.
  14. Hi donald42 It will be purely be an unintended change in the new platform, causing the issue, not anything intentional on Kaspersky's part, to force the use of their own VPN. I tested the Windscribe VPN desktop app, and found that worked in split tunnel mode, so possibly how Nord, Proton, and PIA etc., employ split tunnel could be a factor. Hopefully it won't take too long for Kaspersky to resolve.
  15. Hi Fabri Thank you for adding further confirmation of the issue. It does appear to be a platform issue, rather than specific to Kaspersky Free. Before uninstalling Kaspersky, I quickly tested Windscribe VPN, and that worked in split tunnel mode, so I can only assume NordVPN and Proton VPN employ split tunnel similarly. While understandable, it's a shame the software force updates, preventing simply installing an older version. Hopefully, as you say, it will get reported by a Kaspersky Standard, Plus etc., customer.
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