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  1. Hello, I’m sorry for late report in this thread. I’m using latest Kaspersky Internet Security version at Windows 10 x64 Pro (ver. 21H1 OS build 19043.1165). My “Kasperky Lab launcher” (which is Kaspersky Anti-virus Service 21.3) always activates to consume up to 40% of my CPU usage when I start using Matlab R2021a, even I rates Matlab execution file as “Trusted” and stop “File antivirus” section. It seems that everything goes crazy after I double clicked at Matlab.exe. Not only Kaspersky Lab launcher consumes the most usage of my CPU, the new update version of “Program Compatibility Assistant Service” does as well. Totally CPU’s usage would be up to 100%. Do you have any suggestions?
  2. I am using KIS 2019. Blocking malicious unsafe connections is great. However, sometimes I need to review them. When I type some keywords to sort out the application (with red square), they appear just a couple of seconds then DISSAPEAR. Same things happened when I review quarantined files. This is annoying, the previous KIS have no similar issues. The product that we purchased should work as we want. Another thing is, I am working with Python, all module packages should be downloaded and installed from network source, KIS blocked them all. To continue, I have to disable KIS, let my PC vulnerable to finish updating those modules. I think KIS developer should figure it sooner or later.
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