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  1. I'm not sure what you mean by pointing to my Kapersky account. I realized that I had singed into my account also by using Google and Apple sign Ins so I went to the respective sites an removed my Kapersky Accounts. That's why i could access the account on my IPhone. I did a change password through the K site and i says accepted but then when i use it it repeats incorrect password.
  2. I recently bought a new Windows 11 Computer. I installed the premium version of Kaspersky. I set it up and had no problems. I also installed it on my IPhone 1 1/2 old and the password manager works beautifully. Unfortunately the Computer version is terrible. It asks me for my Master Password says it’s not correct so I add a new one and get the same not correct repeatedly. It just occurred to me that I used the Apple sign-in on my iPhone. I’m not sure this is the problem but I’m assuming it is. I enjoy computers and technology but I’m no whiz, please keep the suggestions simple.
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