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  1. Sorry, Step #1 should read: "... this one is only for the VPN, and ending it will keep your main Kaspersky app still running"
  2. For what it's worth, I've been having this "VPN fails to connect and freezes" problem about once a day since I (clean) installed the new suite of products in December. I don't know how to fix it for good, BUT! This is the low-effort-required quick-fix that I discovered and use every time it happens: When it freezes, open the Task Manager and find THIS "Kaspersky Lab Launcher" process (there are three; this one is only for the VPN and will keep your main Kaspersky app still running) Right-click on the Launcher process (not the VPN service in the expanded menu) and select "End Task." This will shut down the VPN app. Manually launch the VPN app again; it should now work (at least it does, for me... until the next time it freezes) It's easier than rebooting your computer or reinstalling the VPN, at least. Hopefully the issue will be properly resolved soon! My info: Windows 10 x64 Home 22H2 Kaspersky Premium internet connection via ethernet cable HP Pavilion laptop
  3. Mis disculpas, y muchas gracias por la información! Sólo me queda una duda: ¿Cuál sería el tiempo más largo en que se tarde en llegarle a uno la actualización? (O por lo menos, el promedio de tiempo)
  4. Buenas tardes ¿Cuándo salió la version 21.16? Pregunto porque cuando tenía KIS, nunca se me actualizó después de la 21.3 y ya iban por la 21.14 (Ahora tengo Premium )
  5. Coming back to report that, when the old stand-alone VPN subscription expired, the VPN automatically (in the middle of a session, even) and successfully switched to the sub. associated with the current Kaspersky Premium subscription! The VPN correctly displays that I have an unlimited subscription. 😀 Thanks again for your time and help!
  6. It's the original unlimited VPN subscription that I bought separately, yes. No, I can wait! It's just that the notice on the main VPN UI, as well as a popup notification I got from Kaspersky asking me to "renew your VPN now!" made me think that it would not switch over automatically (since, with the main KIS application over the years I had it, it wouldn't ask me to renew if I already had a new license lined up before expiration... I just thought the VPN would be the same)... ...but if what you said happens, then there's no problem! Will definitely do! In two weeks, I'll come back and report what happened, and mark the solution on the thread. Thank you so much for your help!
  7. Thank you for your response. 1. Other than [this problem, which seems to be general-ish] Yes; it's been working fine (and unlike OP in that thread, my databases do update automatically). 2. "The subscription for Kaspersky Internet Security is not in use on any connected device." 3. It shows that it's in use on 2 of 5 devices (this is accurate) 4. No 5. Also no 6. It says "Kaspersky VPN"
  8. And I am not located in any of: Belarus, China, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Oman, Pakistan, or Qatar.
  9. Hello I used to have KIS and a separate license for unlimited VPN. While my KIS was set to expire in June 2024, the VPN license expires this month. Last month, I bought Kaspersky Premium, which supposedly comes with unlimited VPN. (I had more devices to protect, so I bought a new multi-device license instead of converting.) All of these are connected to the same My Kasperky account / email address. I did the following: 1. Uninstalled the VPN. Rebooted computer. 2. Uninstalled KIS (complete uninstall; kept no info). Rebooted computer. 3. Clean-installed Kaspersky Premium. Rebooted computer. 4. Opened up the VPN that came with K.Premium, connected it to my Kaspersky account (so, the email associated with that is the same as the license-holder) However, the license that the VPN selected was the old standalone-VPN license, the one that expires this month, instead of the one associated with the Kasp. Premium purchase. Today, I got this on the VPN interface: So, it doesn't seem to realize that there's another license (the Premium one) already up. I can't enter a new activation code because Premium doesn't come with activation codes. How do I get the VPN to latch on to my Premium account? Thank you in advance for your time. Windows 10 Home x64 22H2 Windows 11 Home x64 22H2 (I'm having the same problem on all devices) Kaspersky Premium multi-device license
  10. Gracias, Harlan! Qué bueno que ya encontraron al módulo culpable! A esperar que me venga el parche para mientras, entonces. Quien sabe si tal vez el mismo add-on sea la razón por la cual hay personas que no se les actualiza automáticamente la base de datos (como el primer post de ese tema, y alguién más aquí en el foro en español, que veo que tiene ese problema). A mí en mi laptop de Windows 10 se me actualiza bien de forma automática, pero en la de Windows 11 *aparentemente* (tengo que hacer más análisis/pruebas) sólo se actualiza si lo hago a mano. Ojalá sea también el add-on y con un solo parche se le solucionen los problemas a todos. Gracias nuevamente, y feliz año nuevo! Saludos!
  11. Just pitching in with my info. I've been having the same problem for days. Except my application database does indeed update automatically (but I have Windows 10) It happens every two days, so I've been trying to track patterns. Patterns discovered: It only happens when I have Firefox open (I don't have Chrome, like some users above) Every time it's happened, I've had Twitter open. So, if it's website-related, I've narrowed it down to that, in my case. Disk usage for Kaspersky Service 21.15 spikes up to 70+% causing total disk usage to reach or approach 100% when this happens. (I'm keeping the Task Manager open at all times precisely to try to figure out what's going on) The first time it happened to me was Nov 21, with KIS 21.3. I upgraded (clean install with reboots in between) to Kaspersky Premium 21.15 on December 12. Didn't have a Kaspersky auto-restart problem for one month. Then, on Dec. 21st, it started again, and has been happening once a day every 2 days. OS and Software info: Windows 10 x64 Home, 22H2 Kaspersky Premium Firefox (version number doesn't affect it); Extensions: Kasp, AdBlock Plus, No Script Additional info: I ran chkdsk /f /r twice, and System File checker, once, after the Nov. incident Kaspersky Performance monitor says my Drive Health is 100% "Healthy and nearly as good as new" Just adding my info/investigations to the thread in case it helps people figure out what's going on. My screencaps:
  12. Buenas tardes, Harlan. Cuando tenía KIS 21.3: (noviembre 21) El ícono del escudito verde de Kaspersky en la barra de tareas desapareció por completo y me brincó la notificación de Windows diciendo que enciendiera la protección antivirus. Ahora con Kaspersky Premium 21.15: (diciembre 21) No lo vi en tiempo real porque tenía YouTube en pantalla completa. Cuando lo vi, ya estava de regreso el ícono verde y tenía la notificación de Windows en las notificaciones guardadas en la barra de tareas. Pero podría ser igual que hace un mes. (Lo del ícono doble sólo me pasa con el VPN, cuando ese crashea; luego le paso el mouse por encima y desaparece el doble ícono de VPN. Pero el VPN no me preocupa.)
  13. Soy usuario normal, pero por si sirve, comparte cuál es tu versión de sistema oprrativo... Yo tengo el parche (a) y se me actualiza automáticamente, pero ya venía con el parche A cuando instalé la nueva versión de la aplicación hace poco más de una semana. Yo tengo Windows 10 Home x64, 22H2
  14. A mi también, desde el 19 de diciembre, a veces se me pone amarillo el ícono del plugin de Kaspersky en Firefox, especialmente al iniciar Firefox, pero una vez también de repente a la mitad de navegar, al abrir una ventana privada. Kaspersky Premium Tengo la 21.15 desde el 12 de dic.
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