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  1. Hello FLOOD , His post was edited, perhaps you only have seen the original post without the edit. :)
  2. Hello FLOOD , Yes my KIS version is up to the "a" version. From what I understood from PvT the issue is still present. From what I saw on my side images are probably showing up on certain tabs because they are in the mac cache system : I have the same thing on my side. When I try loading a page where you have an image showing up, next page is somehow loading but images etc don't on Apple music. Waiting for a fix from Kaspersky team (see my last post). Regards
  3. Hello, Just got an update by the support team : Bug is acknowledged by Kaspersky team under bug number 3571602 and a fix will come up however the time required to fix it is not known. it will be corrected via software update. No other fix other than disabling the "Check secure..." option. If anyone reads french or want to google translate the answer by the support hereafter the mail I received :
  4. FLOOD , Yes this is only a workaround and it needs to be fixed. If issue is not fixed, I will not renew subscription after my license is over. Catalina is now available, maybe issue is not present in this new macOS version but I did not do the update yet. I will let you know of Kaspersky team findings
  5. Hello FLOOD , All the files I sent here were forwarded to Kaspersky support (including the console log I provided here) along with a link to this discussion. Analysis of this issue by Kaskersky analysis team is on going. Unchecking "Check secure connections (HTTPS) for Safe Money and Private browsing" seems to fix the issue. I will forward this to the technical team. I will let you know of the outcome and kaspersky answer of this. Regards
  6. Hello FLOOD , Thank you for this but unfortunately problem is still present. Regards,
  7. Hello FLOOD , I used this tool for removal : Uninstallation wizard, Full scan has been performed : nothing was detected, Non critical events is checked : File Anti virus tab is enclosed (issue has been replicated before saving this file), I have only 2 non empty tabs : the update one and the one with the full scan report. I don't think it is interesting, Console log is attached. iTunes has been open around 16:31:14 time frame. I did not manage to go back to the date of October 3rd, My KIS is licensed : I contacted the support (referenced under ID INC000010850829), waiting for an answer. Thanks again for your help. Regards,
  8. Hello FLOOD , Here you go, path of the iTunes app is visible in the 2nd screenshot :
  9. Hello FLOOD , Added iTunes to exclusion zone under threats tab in Kaspersky preferences : issue is still persisting. iTunes version is Version Regards,
  10. FLOOD Vivaldi browser but iTunes/Apple Music is the only issue I have with. Browsing internet with Vivaldi, Chrome or Safari is working fine. Other categories are empty yes. I already ran scans in the past but they do not appear (maybe because of uninstallation of version 19 and installation of version 20?). I also checked the option regarding the non critical event reports this morning, it has always been off / not checked before.
  11. Some screenshots showing the issue with KIS protection turned On vs KIS protection turned Off : KIS on (error message basically saying "An error occurred" and "Try again") : KIS off (after clicking the "Réessayer - Try again" button) : Regards,
  12. Hello FLOOD , Thanks for your reply. Yes this is right, Nothing else happened that day : my macbook pro remained off during the whole day (i was at work), turned it on once I got back home and the issue was here (this is usually the first thing I do when I am back home : lunch Apple music and turn music on) Files are enclosed in this answer : there is only 2 categories with things in it (Update & File Anti-Virus - the others are empty) Regards
  13. I just tried the KeyChain fix, using this method : It did not fix the issue.
  14. Hello FLOOD , Yes all the Mojave 10.14.6 updates have been installed (same for itunes), KIS19 was uninstalled before installing KIS20 using removal tool available in Kaspersky website, I have trouble findings the location of KIS reports. Could you point the location of them please? KIS19 was uninstalled using Kaspersky removal tool and KIS20 was installed right after Reboot was performed after doing that Did not tried kenj's "KeyChain Access "fix" Issue was existing before upgrading from version 19 to version 20 and appeared yesterday (October 4th). Everything was working fine before that day. Regards,
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