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  1. Thanks to you, and no one else, for letting us know about the good news. Best regards,
  2. Sure! The answer to this very question was kindly posted by @Thoughts here. You, in fact, can install the old version. The thing is to prevent it from updating to the incompatible one meanwhile the one that addresses this issue comes out. That is what the registry mod does.
  3. Thank you for sharing the good news. Could you please let us know when the new version is ready? It would be greatly appreciated since a few of us have manually disabled automatic updates by modifying the registry. Thanks in advance for your kind help.
  4. Thank you for your guidance with registry editing to prevent the non-working update from being installed. So far so good.
  5. Yes, I'm familiar with it. I am also a good step-by-step follower. Thank you for your kind assistance. I'll let you know how it all goes.
  6. Hello! Which VPN provider do you have? Mine is Proton and I know for sure the split tunneling function did work correctly before Kaspersky's last update.
  7. Would you mind sharing the mod? What registry key did you touch and such? I am at a lost doing that. May I DM you, perhaps?
  8. I found this while searching on how to stop the update from being forced on me. I already contacted the post's author directly because the post is a bit old and it involves some registry editing. Regards,
  9. I Googled the previous version number you mentioned and found it, so thank you for the info (I couldn't figure out where to check the version number, anyway). After uninstalling the current version, I was able to install the previous one without issues. Split tunneling is working normally again. Fingers crossed Kaspersky won't update itself without warning. I wanted to let you know I could do this, in case you might want to give it a shot while hopefully Kaspersky fixes this issue.
  10. Same here. I contacted Proton VPN support as I thought the problem was on their end since I recall having this issue before I got hacked and installed Kaspersky back in July this year. Now I can confirm the issue is Kaspersky's recent update because if I completely exit the app, the split tunneling works normally. There is no need to reboot to get Proton VPN working after completely shutting off Kaspersky. Amen to that!
  11. Here's the link to support: https://support.kaspersky.com/b2c/ However, I can't submit an email to request assistance, as I have Kaspersky Free installed. If OP or anyone else receives a response from them, please share it here. It would be much appreciated.
  12. I am in the same boat. It is weird because I had Kaspersky installed after getting hacked back in June this year. I had to install Windows fresh from scratch and have been using Kaspersky alongside Proton VPN since then and had no issues. However, I remember having this problem before. I got it fixed by reinstalling Proton. Now this workaround doesn't work anymore, sadly.
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