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  1. Bro I know Microsoft ended mainstream support for Windows 7 on January 13, 2015. But our some software not support in win 10. So I have no choice. This virus not for win 7 , it active in win 10 pc . If you have better suggestion for me , how to remove this virus then reply me.
  2. *3/4 times contacted with technical support. *4th September 2019
  3. My operating system is windows 7 service pack 1,32 bit
  4. kaspersky internet security 2019 application version:19.0.01088(g) I Can't understand what is ticket number?
  5. My pc attack by .hese & .hes ransomware. several time I request kaspersky technical team but kaspersky technical team don't response .In this case any one can help me?
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