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  1. Thanks Igor I get different results (version C:\Windows\System32\drivers\mbamswissarmy.sys C:\Windows\System32\drivers\mbae64.sys C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes\Anti-Malware\sdk\MBAMSwissArmy.sys C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes\Anti-Malware\mbamelam.sys C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes\Anti-Malware\mbae64.sys farflt.sys is nowhere to be found MbamChameleon.sys is nowhere to be found Possibly one of the above was renamed or they were merged into mbamelam.sys?
  2. We installed: KSCF MWFC MBAM → already installed - run as RTP & not. We could not replicate the issues you’ve reported. For information: I just reinstalled MBAM. No issues arose with KSC. this may indicate the problem may only arise when KSC tries to perform an update of its modules. Specifically, Private Browsing. Low value added information: For this installation, despite MBAM wanting to give a 7-day trial, all protection features were switched off, ‘start with Windows’ was switched off and MBAM service is disabled (via services.msc). I still haven’t work out what drivers could be running when MBAM is shut down.
  3. Thanks Flood That saves me some investigating but also indicates poor memory and laziness not ensuring poor memory didn’t result in missing something. Sorry. Edit: There are a combination of best answers above. I find it difficult to pick one as best. This was good to learn but misleading given the initial problem is resolved: Given MBAM is listed on the software conflicts list & we did point that out, the first thing to eliminate, is MBAM. We installed: KSCF MWFC MBAM → already installed - run as RTP & not. We could not replicate the issues you’ve reported.
  4. I thought that I had made you aware MBAM is on the PC but that I run it as a demand scanner only (maybe once overy 3-6 months). Sorry. Remembering that I deliberately disable MBAM services when not required, what I don’t understand is how a program that is not running and is (AFAIK) running no services can interfere with KSC. SVCHost was gaining internet access for the following at the time of ‘the trouble’ and no traffic was blocked: BITS,Browser,EapHost,IKEEXT,iphlpsvc,LanmanServer,MMCSS,ProfSvc,Schedule,SENS,ShellHWDetection,Themes,Winmgmt,wuauserv AudioSrv,Dhcp,eventlog,HomeGroupProvider,lmhosts,wscsvc CryptSvc,LanmanWorkstation,NlaSvc,Wecsvc
  5. Thanks Flood Browser support is a minor issue for me as most of my browser sessions take place inside a Sandbox and download are verified via VirusTotal (I understand that’s not a guarantee, which is where KSC becomes a backstop - safe hex - so far it found nothing). The solution went quick and easy. Summarizing the position now. I started with neither suggestion above but picked on MBAM. When uninstalled and leftover traces were removed I shut down and restarted. KSC has not made a peep since. Bearing in mind I always switch off MBAM service as unwanted and check it is off after use and that I had checked before telling you that above, interference by MBAM is a mystery. On the bright side, I can say Malwarebytes Firewall Control and Kaspersky Security Cloud do seem to be coexisting happily. If that changes, I will update. The curious tinkerer inside me will probably want to install MBAM again (after clean removals and installations, as above) the the aim of triple-checking everything related to MBAM was switched off. Not immediately. I did download installation files before uninstalling and they are beckoning, “you know you want to do it”🤔
  6. I mainly use (Google) Chrome, which is the default browser but do have Brave installed and occasionally fall back to IE11. Brave is there for evaluation. I haven’t used it since configuring it around mid January this year. I have a few extension to harden Chrome (if extension matter uMatrix may be of relevance but I don’t see how. Likewise adBlock Plus and popupoff). Uninstall and reinstall was on my list if I didn’t get an answer. It seems we are both at the same point working out what to do next (albeit you would have far superior knowledge solving issues with KSC). Not only will I uninstall. I will seek and delete leftovers so we get clean installations. Meanwhile, it is time for a cup of coffee. it may be a while before I get back
  7. Interesting question. Ignoring versions, both have been installed for quite some time and both have been updated as updates became available. Windows ad/Remove says (dd/mm/yyyy format) KSC - 10/11/2020 (however, I the update attempt was yesterday and I would have sworn it updated via pop-up message earlier this year) MFC - 28/10/2020 Windows folder creation dates KSC - 16/08/2018 (oldest folder I can see - C:\Program Files\Common Files\AV) MFC - 12/03/2019 (but before that it would have been installed under a folder created by the Voidtools version) Both have played happily side-by-side until now. Edit: just re-read web filtering comment. My adapter uses Quad 9 DNS servers: and
  8. Forgot to copy and was logged out before posting again! Free version I use Malwarebytes Firewall Control (MFC). Malwarebytes (MBAM) is a different program. The Kaspersky compatibility list is not specific whether it means MBAM of MFC. When I checked, I took it to mean MBAM (using the learned logic two anti-malware programs generally do not run happily together).I am experiencing problems embedding. Here are some links to Postimages Update Cannot perform update Report Anticipating a question, AVP has firewall permission. I tried update with firewall off. Same result
  9. I forgot to copy before posting and received the ‘Something's gone wrong’ after [Send]😫 I won’t bother trying to write full details again. Just that the issue is still occurring and that I noticed Windows Action center is warning on KSC and Firewall together and clearing them together. Could Malwarebytes Firewall Control and KSC suddenly have stopped working together? Version is (b)
  10. Hi Kaspersky Security Cloud prompted for update today. I ran it. A pop-up said Databases and modules have been updated and requested application restart. I chose ‘Yes’. Moments later the popup opened. Again I chose ‘Yes’. A “Task cannot be performed” window popped up. “Event : Task stopped Application name : avp.exe Application path : C:\Program Files (x86)\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Security Cloud 21.2 User : Owner-PC\Owner User type : Active user Component : Private Browsing” I restarted the PC and went through the same cycle of update and error again. Problem #1 is I have no idea what the ‘private browsing’ it refers to is. Problem #2 is I do not know whether it is safe to choose ‘’No” for the restart but assume that would mean KSC would keep trying and failing in the background, which seems bad. How do I fix the problem? Windows 7 Pro
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