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  1. Can you elaborate? What do I need to do? When I installed Cloud Security (trial version), it automatically deleted my KIS. Should I now reinstall KIS? Then, disable the autorenewal option? I can’t remember if I had it on autorenewal in the first place. I could have bought the CD from the retailer.
  2. Yes. I want to be able to use my KIS. But take advantage of the discounts for Cloud Security by purchasing it now, and use it once KIS expires.
  3. I have been using Kaspersky Internet Security. It will expire in two months’ time. However, I have installed trial version of Cloud Security which allows me only 30 days. If I want to enjoy the discount offered by Kaspersky, should I purchase Cloud Security now and not lose out on the 2 months that I still have from my Internet Security subscription?
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