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  1. I installed KSK on my kids iPhone and set the timelimit to 15 minutes but it seems that KSK thinks the device is used all the time. Since you dont get any app details there is no way of finding out what app is causing this. Is there any way to fix this?
  2. This one https://smile.amazon.de/stores/Kaspersky/page/E5A11BAC-858D-481B-B338-CD45E1D14F01?ref_=ast_bln
  3. Thx for the quick answer, the store on Amazon seems to be the official Kaspersky store and not a 3rd party vendor. The license is almost half on Amazon compared to the Kaspersky web site. Stephan
  4. Hi, I know this has been discussed a million times but even after reading tons of forum entries I am still not sure which one to get. I have KTS right now on my Mac and KSK on a few Macs, Windows, iPads and iPhones. My problem is that I need more than 5 licenses now and there is no 10 license package for KTS. So I thought switching to KSC with a 10 license bundle. I am pretty sure I can use KSK with the KSC license. Is that correct? I do understand that KSC does pretty much all KTS does plus some HD and Wifi checks. Is there anything in KTS that KSC can not do? And last but not least, I purchased a license from a 3rd party store which gave me all kinds of issues afterwards, when I buy a license through the Kaspersky store on Amazon is that the same as buying it from the Kaspersky web page diretly? Thx for your help Stephan
  5. I installed the latest beta 11.3 from BigSur and now KIS does not start anymore. I know Kasperksy does not support beta version so this is just FYI
  6. Its your homepage that is not working for 2 days now. Has there been a security breach? No maintenance takes two days….
  7. For month we complain that many products are not compatible with Big Sur and we were promised that it will work when Big Sur is released. So today it was released and Safe Kids still does not work.
  8. I switched from Total Security to Cloud. I also installed Safe Kids on several devices and it works fine but under licenses it still shows up under the old Total Security license that is expired. When I go to devices and try to add the Cloud license to the device it says the code could not be found. While all programs are working correct it is kind of annoying that the licenses dont show up correct. Stephan
  9. Why is there never a beta version for Mac? It only exists for Windows every time. Including Mac would improve stability for the release version. Stephan
  10. Anyone got this solved? I do understand that Big Sur is still beta but in a few month it will be released and it would be nice if Kaspersky starts looking into this before that. I already lost 4 month because of a bug with catalina which kind of questions the whole subscription. Stephan
  11. I have the same issue on a MacBook and iMac for several month. The paste of bug fixes is unacceptable. Stephan
  12. Berny, thx for the quick reply, while I share your concerns about face unlock I also like to have a choice to take this risk or not. Is fingerprint unlock supported for the password manager? Stephan
  13. Will face unlock be supported on Android anytime soon? Thx Stephan
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