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  1. Hi @FLOOD , I received the following message… "I appreciate the patience you have shown. I apologize for the delay. Our Escalation Team have just replied to us with the following information. Thanks for suggestions. We have sent them to responsible person." Regards
  2. Hi @FLOOD , Thanks for sending me the link. I'll surely do as you adviced. Thanks for your time and effort. Regards
  3. Hi @FLOOD , I'm guessing the feature I'm requesting hasn't been understood. If I've already stored the profile in kpm, i does populate. But I'm asking if i have not stored my credentials in kpm, it should give me an option to add it on web page itself or on the app concerned. It should give an option "add profile" where it's populating the log in options. I've highlighted it on my first post. I don't mean to bother much but that option makes everything real breeze.? Regards
  4. Hello @FLOOD , I'm not able to take screenshot of the settings due to Kaspersky security policy. However, autofill with kpm is enabled and chrome filling is also enabled. I'm attaching a screenshot of what I'm getting as Kaspersky prompt while logging in to any app. I'm using Note 10 not A10?. Thanks Regards
  5. Hello @FLOOD , Sorry for reposting the old image. I'm attaching the autofill settings image. Regards
  6. Hello @FLOOD , Thanks for replying so soon. 1. I'm using Samsung note 10 running on Android 10. 2.KPM ver 3. KPM is also installed on Windows and synced 4. FB isn't configured in kpm, see that's what I'm requesting. There should be an option on the fb fb webpage to add a profile in kpm if it's not saved beforehand. 5. Yes Windows kpm is synced 6. Both are synced. 7. Yes I'm using Kaspersky Total license. The screenshot I've sent is of dashlane password manager. I'm requesting for the same feature. Regards
  7. Hello @FLOOD , My autofill service is enabled with Kaspersky password manager. I'm attaching a screenshot of the feature I'm requesting for. Regards
  8. It would have been better if they've given option of adding new profile on the webpage or any app while logging in for the first time like in dashlane or 1password. Also should be able to customise templates by adding pics or documents to any passwords/ bank accounts, etc.
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