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  1. Hi just upgraded Windows 8 to 8.1 , all went well. Tried to reactivate my currently valid license and after download it would not execute the install. Little help please.
  2. Hi , i use windows mail app 8.1 and it does the same as Outlook , it sends spam to junk. After 30 days it deletes it all. Job done. Kaspersky anti-spam settings had no effect , bitcoin still kept coming. Did you read the link i sent? Hopefully Kaspersky does all the others things it promises FLOOD i appreciate your patience with me and thanks for the help. I am happy with the outcome and trust that windows will do their part of the deal and keep junking the spam. Ciao
  3. Hi thanks for your efforts FLOOD , but it just didn’t wash🙂 . The problem seems to be Outlook. Have a look at this https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/outlook_com/forum/all/spam/af8d6ff1-c978-409b-b956-b2204b1074f8?page=1 Best regards
  4. Hi , sorry for the delay. I mentioned at the start i am digitally challenged , but improving. I managed to work out anti spam blocked phrases thingy , so we will wait and see. A far as windows in safe mode , well that was a disaster---even KSP didn’t like it. fingers crossed and thanks for your efforts
  5. hi , did all of the above , except could not open “blocked phrases” page. The biggest change i have noticed since all these changes ---new browser etc is the very slow download speed , 10% of what i was used to, i’m used to 40+ gbits. Thanks
  6. Hi No i got rid of slimjet , downloaded firefox. Mail is through windows 8.1 Thanks
  7. Hi Now on firefox, signed in with windows mail app 8.1 Configured every switch in Kaspersky settings to on hope this is right
  8. hi , did the above suggestions , but the spam still comes thick and fast. Even these emails from Kaspersky are junked. Any help appreciated. Thanks
  9. Wow , thanks FLOOD for the flood of info. I must admit i’m not the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to computers. I will proceed with your suggestions and no doubt learn along the way. Thanks and stay tuned. Best regards
  10. Hi I use Outlook for email. I select “block” in their “not junk” tab. The reason i chose Slimjet was because it allowed ad blocking. What browser do you recommend. Thanks
  11. hi , thanks for the reply. OS is windows 8.1-64 bit build 9600 KIS version patch? Bit coin request is via email Browser is Slimjet
  12. Hi all, Recently i have swamped by bitcoin and other rubbish. It seems the more i block , they more they come back. Any advice. Thanks Moderator: Merged with existing topic
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