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  1. I have not tried it because I work via email and respond to hundreds of email per day, so I need Kaspersky to protect me from email attacks/worms/malware. For me, turning off email protection is similar to turning off Kaspersky. I may try this later, but last time when I turned on Kasperksy, it corrupted my Outlook .pst files and I spent whole day repairing them. So I'm afraid to turn it on again until Kaspersky support responds with some confirmation that the problem was resolved. Thank you.
  2. Hi. No, I have not changed any of my email settings in several years. I use 10 email accounts, some at gmail, others at other domains, so it's not even possible to change all of them at the same time. But all of them stopped working several weeks ago. And they all work OK again when I turn off Kaspersky. So right now I cannot use Kaspersky and it is turned off. As soon as I turn it on, everything breaks again.
  3. Thanks, so we both have the same problem, we both contacted technical support, and we both are waiting for a solution. At least now it's clear that the problem is reproducible and may be affecting more people.
  4. Since couple weeks ago Kaspersky Security Cloud is causing errors 0x800CCC1A when I try to receive Outlook emails via all/any of my several email accounts. It also caused destruction by corrupting my email files and I needed to spend several days restoring and repairing my Outlook files. As soon as I start Kaspersky I get Outlook errors again and my Outlook files (.pst) are corrupted again. When I exit/close Kaspersky then everything is working well and I don't have any problems with Outlook. So right now I cannot use Kaspersky at all and must keep it closed to be able to use MS Outlook. The specific error message in Outlook caused by Kaspersky is: "0x800CCC1A: Your server does not support the connection encryption type you have specificed." Please note that this happens with all connection types, SSL and non-SSL, so the encryption isn't relevant and Kaspersky kills all email connections and configurations. I reported this problem to support, but I also wanted to post it online in case other people have similar problems. I didn't know for a week that the problem is caused by Kaspersky so I spent the whole week trying to solve this problem within Outlook and repairing my email files. But everything is working great as soon as I turned off Kaspersky Security Cloud. Then the problems start again when I turn on Kaspersky Security Cloud. This issue is reproducible every time.
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