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  1. Hello. I think it would be a good idea to add the original file info such as creation/modification date, file size, etc., to the quarantine and detection log. This way, in the case of a detection, it would be easy to figure out when exactly the “harmful file” was put on the PC. I could check if I visited a certain website or downloaded from a specific source that day (by easily checking my browser history for example). I could also check if anything else was installed on my PC that day. Currently, at the detection log, it only states the time the file was detected. It’s impossible to view the original file info without restoring the quarantine file (which is too dangerous). It would be simple and very useful to add the original file info below the detection time. Please consider. Thanks.
  2. I wanted to upload the file to Tech Support but sadly CyberDuck won’t let me connect. I already disabled blocking of SSL 2 connections and added MyKaspersky to the exceptions, still won’t work. It authenticates me but immediately kills the connection afterward. Can I just use a filesharing service such as Mega.nz or Box.com to upload the quarantine file?
  3. Well it would be great if additionally to the Quarantine date, it would simply state the file details in my Kaspersky Quarantine log. That way it could also easily be checked when exactly the “harmful file” was put on my PC. Thanks anyway.
  4. Details of the original file. Creation date, size, etc.
  5. Thanks but that does not answer my question. How can I view details of Quarantine files? Also, in that link it does not explain how to submit a file to the Technical Support.
  6. Hello. So my Kaspersky detected a file which I’m pretty sure is a false positive (it was a file in one of my game folders). I’m also pretty sure that file is from 2018, however, there doesn’t seem to be a way to view the details of the file anymore once it’s in quarantine? I would like to see when exactly it was created (if it was created the same day I installed the game). I really don’t wanna restore it but it would be nice to view the file info, however, all I see is the date it was put in quarantine. Any help with this?
  7. One last question. Do you know if only the folder I specifically selected will be compressed, aka "Trash"? Or will compressing by rightclicking automatically compress whole of Thunderbird? Thanks for your quick replies and help!
  8. Thanks for your help. In a direct comparison, the old Kaspersky Scan scanned 59.000 files in the Thunderbird folder, after compression it it scanned 4.000 files. So I'm not sure what exactly it does, but it seems to do more than simply delete the already deleted emails.
  9. Thank you. It seems the deleted emails are now finally gone. I just scanned the folder and Kaspersky did not detect anything anymore. However, I seem to somehow recall that there's a risk to compressing folders if you store them locally? I don't remember exactly, but I never compressed them before because I always thought there are downsides to it.
  10. Hello. So apparently Kaspersky found threats in ALREADY DELETED Emails. Those Emails don't show up anywhere, they aren't in Trash and nowhere else to be found. But they show up in the Kaspersky Scan. And when I delete them, Kaspersky deletes my entire Thunderbird inbox. Thank god I had a backup. There is no apparent way to only delete these specific Emails/attachments. I googled and it seems this exact problem already occured in 2005. I cannot believe that 14 years later there is no fix for this. So please, dear people, tell me how to delete only the infected Emails/attachments, without deleting my entire Inbox. I cannot seem to manually find those Emails anywhere.
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