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  1. My motherboard does not support the latest version of AI Suite or Armory Crate. I can only use Suite II. Motherboard is Asus Sabertooth X79 (I did say it was an older machine)
  2. Thank you for the reply. Unfortunately this doesn't work with the small fans on the motherboard (northbridge/southbridge), only for the CPU/GPU and case fans.
  3. Of note: This also affects Asus Suite 2 as well. My machine is older and I have to use V2 to control the motherboard fan. The problem arose today when I turned on my PC. The Kaspersky database was from yesterday. The problem is slightly different in that Kaspersky outright prevents V2 from running; there is no error message. I was greeted to the screeching of the motherboard fan spinning up and down. Even with expemptions in place it still won't run, nor will it allow me to re-run the Asus installation program. After reading the thread on V3 I updated the database to current, but the problem still persists. I've completely uninstalled Kaspersky and the Asus Suite runs fine again. It's a tough call: Do I rely on Microsoft Defender or do I wear noise cancelling headphones to be able to use my PC? Windows 10 64bit, Kaspersky Internet Security.
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