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  1. I don't see any issue with the Windows Update. The latest cumulative update introduced a new security module to the kernel and that's why some AV softwares are no longer compatible with Windows. The only solution should be AV software vendors to update their products to make them compatible with the system.
  2. For those who have access to the new Bing, besides edgeservices.bing.com, you also need to add www.bing.com to the trusted addresses.
  3. It still doesn't work on my machine. After enabling Kaspersky Anti-banner, the F12 console of the sidebar tells me: Refused to display 'chrome-error://chromewebdata/' in a frame. The embedder requires it to enforce the following Content Security Policy: 'frame-src https://www.bing.com/search; base-uri 'self'; script-src 'nonce-required' 'strict-dynamic'; require-trusted-types-for 'script'; trusted-types default;'. However, the frame neither accepts that policy using the Allow-CSP-From header nor delivers a Content Security Policy which is at least as strong as that one. If I disable Kaspersky Anti-banner, the issue won't happen.
  4. Any updates? This issue is still blocking me from enabling Anti-banner in Kaspersky.
  5. Yes it's "Discover", not "Discovery". To see the effect, you need to completely restart Edge (kill all Edge instances in the Task Manager) and try again.
  6. The issue can also reproduce if you click "Discovery" on the sidebar of Edge stable.
  7. I'm using Edge Dev 111.0.1660.7. You need to access Bing service using the edge sidebar to reproduce, i.e. clicking the Bing icon on the titlebar. And then it will yield a "Content Blocked" error. If I turn off Kaspersky Anti-banner and restart the browser, it will work again. With Kaspersky enabled: With Kaspersky disabled:
  8. After enabling Anti-banner, Kaspersky is blocking Bing services from Edge Dev. To reproduce, install the latest Edge Dev version, and click the Bing icon in the title bar. I tried to add exceptions for *msn.com*, *bing.com* and *microsoft.com*, but nothing works.
  9. Kaspersky Anti-banner is preventing users from using Collections in Microsoft Edge. When I turn on anti-banner, after a full restart of Microsoft Edge (kill all edge processes and restart), Collections in Microsoft Edge will not be able to load and display a message "The content was blocked". System: Windows 11 x64 25211 Edge: 106.0.1370.34 Kaspersky: (i)
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