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  1. My 2019 Macbook Pro burnt out the other day and I had to get another drive. Fortunately, I had a time machine backup to restore from. However, that hasn't gone as I had hoped. Finally got my Apple ID but Microsoft Outlook crashes on loading. I googled and found that Kaspersky and a VPN I had installed could be the problem. I exited the latter and tried to uninstall Kaspersky Internet Security to no avail. I have a zerob file (locked) in the Application folder. Can anybody suggest how I can unlock this thing in order to trash it and if there is anything else that I am missing in not being able to access Microsoft Outlook? Thanking you in advance Sabina Tokyo, Japan
  2. I've been bedridden for the last 3 three months and unable to update the latest KIV which I finally bought last week. When I bought and installed the new version It still only shows the daily rundown of 4 days at this point. I have already uninstalled and re-download to see what I may have done wrong but nothing seems to point out. Can somebody please help me? Sister Sabina Tokyo Japan
  3. Thank you. I have sent off a request and will provide the feedback here when it is available. Sabina
  4. Kaspersky keeps coming up with a sign saying that it couldn’t ”launch the previous session" correctly. I have gotten the two crash files created but can't see where I can send them to. Can anybody enlighten me please? I keep pressing the "send" button but it doesn't resolve the problem. I add that my KIS is in Japanese. Also I can’t add the files here because it says that this type of file is not supported. Sabina
  5. Just reporting back. After many failed attempts to install BigSlur 11.2 today(finally found that Kaspersky was blocking my connection and thus did an “exist”) all has now been rectified. Adobe Stock is showing up nicely, I have my activated fonts, my emoji, etc. etc. So, yes, it was Apple that needed to fix the problem which they appear to have. One very happy person. Thank you Danila. Sabina
  6. How long do you foresee Apple rectifying this issue? It is extremely annoying when you pay such prices for a subscription to Adobe and then can’t use it fully due to antivirus software or something like Little Snitch.
  7. Well, thank you for that information. I certainly can’t install any Adobe application or do any searches for assets with KIS active. Always have to shut it down. After uninstalling Little Snitch and/or CISCO (not sure what that is) and restarting Mac is it ok to reinstall Little Snitch again? I have rules that I certainly use that I wouldn’t want to loose. Thanking you Sabina
  8. Ok, I clicked your link and took a screenshot of “Adobe Creative Cloud” and added that to the “trusted sites”. Is that the right way to do it? Thanking you once again. Sabina
  9. The last box which I put that link in is the: “Internet payment protection” so messed up there. I will go through each one and see what I can come up with in the meantime. Sabina
  10. Sorry for my late reply. I just checked the forum and found your answer. Hm! Where is the “KIS Trusted Zone” please? I have a Japanese KIS and not sure where you mean. I have added the following to trusted sites if thats what you mean. https://www.adobe.com/creativecloud.html I’m not sure whether I should get in touch with the Japanese KIS support but last time I did, it took them days before they got back to me. This is what my preferences looks like, if you can tell me where I should be adding Adobe Creative Cloud please, it sure would help? I added the above line to the bottom check box. I am truly sorry for putting you to this trouble but it is annoying each time I try to download fonts, etc. when I am paying a rather large monthly subscription for Adobe and I can’t use it as I should be able to. Thanking you Sr. Sabina
  11. I am using a MacBook Pro 16 inch 2019 running the latest version of BigSlur and have Little Snitch also installed. However, I have noticed that I have no connection to Adobe Creative Cloud when KIS is active. When I terminate KIS I can connect to Adobe and it runs perfectly. I have created a rule in Little Snitch allowing for a connection between KIS and Adobe but still I can no longer download applications, install fonts or have access to stock photos. Can any body suggest what the next step should be please. Having to disconnect KIS each time I want to connect to Adobe Creative Cloud is rather a nuisance. Thanking you in advance, Sr. Sabina
  12. Thank you for your reply. After two uninstalls and reinstall of KIS the matter rectified itself automatically thank goodness. Regards Sr. Sabina
  13. I upgraded my MacBook Pro 16 inch to Big Sur yesterday and after having problems getting Security and Privacy to accept my "system enhancement" I now can’t get Kaspersky Internet Security (latest version) to connect to the internet in order to do an “update of definitions”. When I go to “My Kaspersky” web site is shows that, in fact, my MacBook Pro is not connected to the net and therefore I am unable to update. I also can not for the life of me get Kaspersky to accept my “hard drive” in order to do either a “quick scan” or “full scan”. Can anybody suggest how I can solve this issue please? I have a strong wifi connection and am experiencing no problems with other applications connecting to the web. Thanking you in advance Sabina Tokyo, Japan
  14. I’m no expert, however, I had a similar problem and my scans never seem to complete. Or at least, they took for days. Do you have any of the Adobe applications installed? There are some of their software which is protected which means that you have to “skip” each one of them. Thus, you can’t leave KIS to do its thing and go away and do something else. You have to virtually sit beside your pc clicking on each item. Also do you know that you can add those items which you don’t want to include in your “full scan” which makes it quicker also. Not sure whether that makes sense or if it is of any use to you. Sabina https://community.kaspersky.com/kaspersky-internet-security-13/how-long-should-a-full-scan-take-on-a-half-full-2tb-hard-drive-on-a-macbook-pro-running-catalina-plus-7612/index3.html#post38457
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