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  1. KSC We are setting up to manage system builds through KSC. The KSC server has the Windows ADK and Windows PE installed and I've created a boot image based on WinPE. When I go to Deploy device images\Additional actions\Manage list of PXE servers on the network and attempt to add a PC/server as a PXE server, the status changes to "Getting started...". It says to give it 5-10 minutes in the instructions I have but no matter how long I give it, the status doesn't change from "Getting started" and any attempt to PXE boot on the same network as the system fails. Checking the KSC system logs when I add the device as a PXE server, I see the following error Can't register pxe server: #1187 Bad parameter "szwFromFolderPath" Any ideas on this?
  2. Apologies for the late reply, I've been travelling with minimal internet access. In the end, I installed mariaDB on windows as the mariaDB version on our linux servers was actually too new and not easy to roll back! I was caught out by mariaDB and mariaDB Server! MariaDB 10.5.x 32-bit/64-bit MariaDB 10.4.x 32-bit/64-bit MariaDB 10.3.22 and higher 32-bit/64-bit MariaDB Server 10.3 32-bit/64-bit with InnoDB storage engine
  3. I have a requirement to display the current state of systems managed by our Kaspersky Security Center (ie ok/ warning/ critical) on our company reporting tool. I'm struggling to identify which of the many status fields in the various tables relates to the "status" and "status description" you can display as columns in the managed devices within Kaspersky Security Center. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
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