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  1. I've worked out what the error was. For some reason I can't fathom I had an old trial sub to Kaspersky cloud personal registered on my account, and instead of activating the free version it was cleverly trying to activate the expired trial. Removing the trial from my account fixed the problem.
  2. I have tried upgrading 2 of my existing computers from the free version of Kaspersky 2019 to the "free" version of 2020 security cloud (in fact security cloud is the only thing now offered when I search Kaspersky free) but it doesn't actually seem to be free at all. On both computers as soon as I signed in it simply complained that I didn't have a licence. It would be rather nice for a free antivirus solution to actually be a free antivirus solution, so I guess the question is are Kaspersky's licensing servers currently screwed up or is this a way of conning people into buying subs?
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