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  1. I have changed the WAN card. It has resolved the issue with wi-fi. The issue with sudden power losses/turning off persists, however.
  2. Hi, I did run the full scan with Kaspersky and also I went through resetting the router several times with the ATT customer support to no avail
  3. I was able to connect it to internet using an ethernet cable but still cannot figure out what is going on with the wireless connection.
  4. Well, I suspect that it might be caused by a malware.
  5. Windows7/Kaspersky Internet Security A Lenovo laptop computer suddenly lost internet connection and could not connect to internet ever since. During troubleshooting the wireless network connection, it turned out that the wireless was turned off. After it was enabled in the Windows Mobility center, the wireless connection indicated that it had tried to connect to some irrelevant network whose profile is stored in the list of known networks. When trying to locate a wireless network, the relevant network did not show up although a bunch of various networks from the neighborhood was found. An attempt to directly connect to the relevant wireless network failed. In addition, there are sudden losses of power. When brought to a local coffee shop, the computer showed some networks but not the wi-fi of the coffee shop and an attempt to connect to it failed.
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