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  1. Did a database update this morning and performed a shut down. Everything is working in order again (AI Suite 2).
  2. @Igor Kurzin I'm also running already the latest version of Asus AI Suite 2 for my motherboard model and same as for @EarlyBird if I attempt to reinstall with Kaspersky installed the installer is not able to run. In any case I have added more information in my incident (INC000014379564) with recordings of executing each diagnostic step that was asked of me. Hope this helps. Also, given that this thread is originally for AI Suite 3 let me know if I should start a new thread specifically for AI Suite 2
  3. @Igor Kurzin thank you for the reply. The incident number is: INC000014379564. I have contacted Technical support via chat and I'm waiting for further instructions.
  4. Hi I can also confirm the same problem for AI Suite 2. I'm using Kaspersky Security Cloud and uninstalling it seems to be the only way to get AI Suite to work again. It seems that as in June the ASUS Com Service is being blocked from starting
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