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  1. Hi @MartinGibraltar According to customer support, they will be fixing this problem in an upcoming patch - however, they could not specify anything timingwise… I will get notified once the patch is live. @FLOOD : this might interest you as well ;) Best, sandford
  2. Hi @FLOOD ! Thank you very much! Well, they have asked for some data, but in terms of proposed solutions I haven’t really heard much… If I add “asana” to Safe Money Protection as per your instructions - it falls back into loading for infinite time unfortunately… Cheers, sandford
  3. Thanks @FLOOD - much appreciated! I checked the solution provided and it also solves the issue for me!💪🙂 However, what could you please elaborate what this feature “Check Secure connections (HTTPS)" does? as it does sound kind of important to me?;) My support agent is not as fast unfortunately...;)
  4. Thanks @FLOOD :) Yes, I use it all the time - very short attention span, you know🤓 No not yet - the support agent has only started his work… hopefully, he’ll find a solution.I guess we hit a dead end for the time being, until support has run their checks…?💅🙂 Thank you very much for your time & effort! Cheer, sandford
  5. Haha, boring person, boring reports;) I turned KIS off for most of the time due to the “asana” problem. However, when turned on the WAV functionality is on. Thanks, have mentioned it to the customer support agent Makes sense Haha:) you got it right - i meant the “asana” problem by “the problem”… Its full name is Adblock Plus - I assume ABP stands for Adblock Plus, but there is no + in my versions name (free version). The developer is Eyeo GmbH (https://adblockplus.org) and version is 2.0.6 - there is no newer version according to the App Store and it has been released 5 months ago… Thanks for the article, but it seems to relate to a different adblock software, luckily :)Thank you very much!
  6. Hi @FLOOD Thanks again:) Just sent you a link Ok Ok Yes, it is version 20.0 / For Safari I am using Version 13.0.2 Noted Other active extensions are ABP (ad blocker), Evernote, Dashlane (PW Manager) → the problem persists however, when I deactivate these extensions / I am not aware of any other add-ons or themes Will do, once I get feedback Yes, I get the following error messages 1) “Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 403 ()” (root.css.map, line 0) → link: https://d3ki9tyy5l5ruj.cloudfront.net/compressed/build/bundles/cc886163bdafc870a6ac60f7d125b03d72fe85c0/apps/asana/css/themes/root.css.map 2) only showed a couple of minutes later “Failed to load resource: The network connection was lost. (socket, line 0) → link: https://app.asana.com/app/asana/-/socket?session_id=1148513668469629&sync_cluster=prod&release_id=20191107_014647_cc886163bdafc870a6ac60f7d125b03d72fe85c0&shard_id=732990555013859&count=12&user_id=912745875894530I hope this helps - let me know if you require further details...
  7. Hi @FLOOD Thanks for your help - below my feedback: Apologies for the confusion - I am only accessing asana through the website (no app installed) Where exactly could I upload the reports? KIS tells me that there are no “detected or quarantined or objects” Yes, it works fine with Chrome - however, I would like to keep using Safari;) How do I access the console log for Safari?:) I have opened a ticket with support - I would suggest to see what comes back from there… I’ll keep you postedThank you!
  8. Thanks @FLOOD! Sweet :) I checked all the reports and there is no entry in relation to asana - or is there anything else I should be checking for? I would rather not share the reports publicly... Also I attached a screenshot of my File Anti-Virus Protection Scope - I searched for files with asana, but could not find any (note that asana is merely a website, but not an application installed on my computer)… Hence, I would not know which files to disable the Protection scope for - any idea how to proceed further? :)
  9. Hi @FLOOD Thanks for looking into this! macOS Mojave 10.14.6 KIS Could you please specify the exact path? However, I have not added any other exclusions apart from the two I described in my previous post It seems that my version does not offer this kind of reporting tool - find enclosed the only report I can generateMany thanks! sandford
  10. Dear Community! The asana web app “https_://app.asana.com/” is being blocked despite I added this website to my “Trusted websites” in the Trusted Zone in the settings. Also I excluded it from website tracking under privacy section (allowed it) - but it still does not open and keeps loading for infinite time… When I turn Kaspersky off, the website loads fine… Any advice? Many thanks & Best, sandford
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