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  1. Today morning I purchased Kaspersky Password Manager. I have installed it on my new laptop and saved the backup database of my passwords from the my older version Kaspersky password manager on my old laptop. I downloaded and installed KPM on my new laptop and attempted to import my password data base which was created in KPM older version but with no success. Each time I try to import the database it will say that it can't import from Kaspersky password manager older version!!!! I created a ticket with Kaspersky and spoke with a customer service rep. She told me that I have to enter my database entries one by one to the new version!!!!!What she is talking about I have like 150 entries with all the details that will take me weeks of manual work. The worst thing about the customer rep is that she even refuse to escalate or refer me to a manager who may have the knowledge to help. She was with the attitude of getting red of me because she offered to cancel my subscription many times during conversation. For the past years I used and trusted Kaspersky internet products but this was the first time I cam back to them for support and found non. Still I can't beleive who their customer service dealt with me may be because I built a high expectation from them over years and years of buying their products. If they are not able to support a customer with a simple issue like importing a database created even in one of their earlier versions then what the support would you expect in bigger technical problem with their products. I'm very disappointed and feeling bad and I will never buy or recommend their products again and will write any time I have the opportunity about their after sale bad customer support.
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