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  1. Hi, I'm using KPM vs: / 1686048945_7385 / 1.0.523.0- on Windows 11 Home, vs 22H2, OS build: 22621.1778 KPM Autolock is set to lock after 5 minutes but it doesn't lock at all automatically, so any ideas how to get it to autolock? Thanks
  2. After disabling WD in 'Startup', I did reboot the machine before checking in 'Services', but nothing happened when right clicking WD in Services - so, what do you think about what to do now?
  3. Thank you for your reply but this doesn't seem to be true given I had to disable WD antivirus, as per Berny's post.
  4. Nothing happens when right-clicking it. Also, in Control Panel > WD Firewall, it states that ...these settings are being managed by KTS. So, should KTS be turned off, then turn off WD Firewall, then restart KTS - or not bother? Thanks
  5. Thanks all. Berny, Defender is now disabled in Startup, but what of the 'Windows Defender Firewall' in 'Services' - i've rebooted the PC after implementing the above procedures and it's still running, so should that be disabled/stopped also - and if so, how? Thanks
  6. Sorry about the bold text, the system won't let me turn it off I'm now using KTS, vs, with Windows 11 Home, vs 22H2 / OS build 22621.1778, that has Microsoft Defender Antivirus installed - real-time, always-on antivirus protection So, is microsoft defender compatible with KTS or should defender be turned off? Thanks
  7. I'm using KIS, with a paid subscription, on a Nokia 2.4 mobile, using Android 11. A few days ago, when I opened KIS, the usual green screen appeared but instead of opening the app, the green screen persisted. I uninstalled the app and reinstalled KIS, which solved the problem. However, now, a few days later, the same thing's happened again - so what's going on - how do I get the app to open fully?
  8. Title : Will there be a KTS 2022 ? Hi, question as per the title. Thanks.
  9. Thanks Berny. As I suspected, a bad idea. Someone should tell that to Microsoft though, as there are probably plenty of people who read that Microsoft statement without checking with Kaspersky, simply trusting what Microsoft say. All it needs is a continuation of the statement with '...but check with your vendor if their product is compatible with Defender'. Cheers
  10. Hi, I’m using Windows 10 Home, vs 20H2, and KTS, vs ( e ). As seen in the attached screenshot, Microsoft state that ‘you can keep using your current provider and get Microsoft Defender Antivirus to check periodically for threats’. However, is it still a bad idea to have two antivirus products operating on the same system, or is it OK to run the periodic scans, considering the two above stated products I’m using? Thanks
  11. Ah, now I understand. I've checked, and it does work that way in my version, so that's the problem resolved. Thanks
  12. In KTS2021a, I had password protection turned on to access settings. I used to select require password each time, rather than keep it for the current session. Even if keep for the current session was selected, rebooting the machine would wipe that selection, so the password would again have to be entered However, KTS2021b got installed last week, and as seen in the screenshot, I have password protection turned on, but can access settings without having to enter the password, even after a reboot. So what’s going on? How can I get it to require the password to be entered each time I want to access settings? Thanks S
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