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  1. Update: I updated my Armoury Crate first. And all its available component updates. Uninstalled my temporarily installed Norton Anti-Virus. Re-installed my licensed KIS and updated available current database before rebooting. Now everything is working back to normal including my AI Suite 3. Thank you, Kaspersky Team! But I am still very interested to know what caused it.
  2. First of all. Thank you for this. But I think, at least a good number of us here following this topic would be interested to know what have happened? At least for transparency reason. And bringing to your attention first if something similar like this happens again in the future. So that we'll not end up trying out so many things ourselves - up to the point that some users have already reformatted their system thinking that it would resolve whatever is happening in their computer. I'll try to reinstall KIS in my system. And I'll update this note/comment.
  3. I have been using Kaspersky in more than 10 years now. And because of this issue, I am uninstalling my Kaspersky Internet Security and installing the Norton Security provided by ASUS motherboard OEM in the meantime. Kasperksy Team, please fix this issue with Asus' AI Suite 3 and Armoury Crate. These are important tool apps. Otherwise, it might be time for me to look for other licensed Antivirus and cancel my 4 subscriptions from you. Thank you.
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