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  1. Windows update today - now KIS is trashing the Photos App all over again ! Put it back in low restricted yet again. I'm sorry it has become a load of junk.
  2. Hi Flood, I was optimistically hoping that the moderators might take note and give it some sort of priority. I don't understand why I seem to be the only one - so I guess it's a settings issue but I can't see anything wrong and none of my changes have worked. BTW, the SyncFolder app was fine until KIS upgraded to version (j). I have an offer of another antivirus for 10 devices and 2 years for only £19.99 - seems like a no brainer.
  3. KIS is now giving me warning pop-ups for Brave browser installer and SyncFolder application. This is in addition to the ones reported in the thread "Microsoft O365 is ruled as a Dangerous website......." I have lost count - I think it's 5 or 6 now. Every new download is put into Low Restricted for some reason. It's becoming more and more difficult to work with KIS installed and interfering unneccessarily. It's high time the moderators took better notice of this problem. N.B. Updated to (j) this week but made no difference.
  4. Still got warnings from KIS even after turning off Application Control. It won't give up !!!
  5. I have just looked at the Kaspersky web page How to change Application Control settings. I never realised before how much KIS was able to interfere with my system. The number of settings are far too complex and confusing for an ordinary consumer. I am turning off Application Control completely.
  6. Yes it is. But I've noticed it does not report Trusted - only Unknown - for the Minitool installer. It's odd 'cos I have definitely installed that program in the past (on a different laptop).
  7. Wesley, I have unchecked that but it made no difference. It seems that every new app, program, even updated ones, is put into restricted by default. When I click Allow and Remember on these popups, KIS forgets. It's becoming very difficult to get anything done with KIS in the background. I am on the verge of scrapping it and wasting half a year's subscription.
  8. Here's the latest problem - yet another store app that KIS objects to ! Someone please convince me that this is not KIS against the USA ! Certificate problem yet again ! Supposedly.
  9. It would seem to be the certificate that Kaspersky doesn't like. (Deja-vu !!!) Although the warning pop-up doesn't mention that.
  10. Sorry for delay - more pressing issues. I have put everything into the Trusted group in restrictions. Photos and Store are now OK but MiniTool remains the same warning. Don't understand how they got into Low Restricted ! MiniTool setup scanned no threats with your link. I don't understand how it gets in the restrictions list when it's only a downloaded file on my desktop and nothing is installed.
  11. Well, you made me laugh - thanks. I mean that, I'm not being sarcastic. Anyway, please see my latest as we overlapped.
  12. Do you think there's something amiss in my settings that I am not aware of. It's so strange that KIS suddenly objets to 3 diffent things that were previously OK. Right - I have finally looked at restrictions :- Store app does not appear. mmm-setup.exe is untrusted ! I have installed this in the past so all I can think is I have somehow now downloaded a fake file, but it passed all my checks (virus total, KIS scan). Photos app is trusted, as set by me to solve last year's issue. But now there is Microsoft.Photos.exe as well - is this part of the photos app, a duplicate or a separate app - I have absolutely no idea ! I can apply I custom setting but I'd like to understand what it is first. Incidentally when opening the screenshot - no KIS popup - sod's law rules again. Maybe we have frightened it off?
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