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  1. Thanks, richbuff. I contacted the support, waiting for a reply. "precisa ser colocado offline para executar um Chkdsk Completo" is in Portuguese, meaning "needs to be put offline to execute a full Chkdsk". Many words in Portuguese and Spanish are written the same (meaning different things sometimes, but not in this case rsrs).
  2. Ok, here it goes. Thanks again. https://www.getsysteminfo.com/report/45366c41ee7711f02a1686fb9db0d026 Steps before getting the report: 1) Used CleanTEMP.zip to remove temp files. 2) Tried to run a Kaspersly full scan, but the laptop froze at the beginning of the scan (I had to do a hard reset to restart). 3) I tried to do a Windows clean boot and to run again the full scan, but the laptop froze again. 4) After hard reseting the laptop again, I closed Kaspersky and it did not freeze since then. 5) Following that, I downloaded the GetSystemInfo.exe and followed the instructions (results in the link above or clicking here).
  3. Hi, Richbuff. Thank you for the reply. Sorry about the silly question, but is it safe to post the GetSystemInfo report? May it have risky information to post online?
  4. Thanks for sharing! In my case, the freezing is permanent, I have to hard reset the laptop... Did you fix your problem? What does "ID 129 reset to device ... raidport1" means?
  5. Hi, everyone. I have an ASUS ROG (Republic of Gamers) model G51J running Windows 10 (Version 1809, SO 17763.437) that was presenting sudden shutdowns (it wasn't overheating, it was simply shutting down sometimes, with no blue screens, nothing). I took it for maintenance and they diagnosed a BGA (Ball Grid Array) issue, fixing the problem. Despite the age (it has 9 years now), the laptop is very fast and very good (starts in less than 15 seconds). After the maintenance, I never had the shutdown issue again, but now it is freezing sometimes (the screen and mouse completely freezes on the current screen, capslock/numlock lights also freeze in the current state, all laptop LEDs, etc.). Then I took it back to maintenance, they formated the laptop, ran many many tests, and everything was fine. When I brought back home and installed my softwares again, the problem came back. Then I started to do a few tests, and after a couple dozens I found out that when I close Kaspersky the freezing issue stops. I'm currently using it for 4 days now, without any freezing (the laptop is running perfect). Then, to confirm my hypothesis, I opened Kaspersky back again and in less than 30 minutes (when I was doing light stuff, just using Chrome to read the news) the problem came back (the screen and mouse completely freezes on the current screen, capslock/numlock lights also freeze, all laptop LEDs, etc.). Any ideas to fix it? Anyone has already experienced a similar issue? Thank you very much for any help you may provide. Kind regards, RRA
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