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  1. Is there any way so that i can pay only difference amount?
  2. I checked it, it means i have to buy the license for kaspersky total security and pay the full price? Am i right?
  3. That is very costly. If i bought kaspersky total security then it will be very cheap as compare to the the plan you suggested. Is there any way to buy/upgrade kaspersky total security by paying only the difference amount to you guys.
  4. Hi, I recently purchased kaspersky internet security license for 1 pc for 3 years. Currently 1074 left . I wanted to used kaspersky password manager, but that comes in kaspersky total security. I want to buy kaspersky total seurity for 1 pc for 3 years. How can i upgrade it? Will i need to pay for only 1074 days or i need to buy fresh license of kaspersky total security for 3 years? Will i have to pay amount for complete 3 years or i just need to pay the difference amount in the license.
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