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  1. [Note/Edit/Update: I resolved my problem and my free license is once again active. So yes, Kaspersky Security Cloud Free IS actually free and is not trial software… see below for my resolution details.] ….. Hello, I have been running Kaspersky Security Cloud - Free for several months now without any major issues and it was working nicely. However, out of nowhere a warning appeared saying my license “has been converted” and informs me my subscription was blocked and now expects me to renew the license to remain protected. When I click “Details” to learn more it is requiring me to pay for a paid plan, despite also stating that my free license was supposed to have been good for 367 days. If I had known that this was just temporary free trial version I wouldn’t have installed it to begin with... 😡 And even if I wanted to purchase a paid subscription it won’t even let me... after clicking “Update License” nothing happens… a white blank popup window appears and it just says “Please wait...” forever with a spinning loading symbol…. There is no information in any FAQ on your website on what to do in this situation nor are there any forum topics here in this forum advising what to do as well. When I attempt to reach out to your live chat support they refuse to offer any assistance because I am running the free version (well, free temporary trial version it seems is more accurate). Why does it say I was granted 367 days of “free plan” protection coverage if this is not ultimately true? :( I am running Kaspersky Security Cloud version on Windows 10 Pro Education version 10.0.19044.1526. ….. Edit/Update: Well, I spoke too soon… lol. As soon as I closed the blank white pop-up window that said “Please wait...” with the spinning loading symbol that didn’t seem to ever do anything a warning prompt appeared and asked if I was certain I wanted to delete my activation. The first few times I chose no and nothing changed/I still had a blocked subscription. This time I chose yes and doing so apparently reset my free subscription status and license and I am now protected once again. Hopefully this post might help someone in the future who is dealing with this same issue. I am happy to once again have Kaspersky Security Cloud - Free protection on my system. I really think the UI/workflow should be improved. It was not straightforward and doesn’t seem to work properly (with the “Please wait...” window appearing and never changing until it is just ultimately closed out by the user).
  2. I am experiencing this same problem and it is DRIVING ME CRAZY. ??? I have a couple of Windows PE Recovery bootable disk image ISO files saved on a locally networked drive. These tools are extremely helpful and essential to me for rescuing/repairing/administrating my various personal computers and are very common tools. However, every antivirus program flags these types of Windows PE recovery tools as containing dozens of viruses/malware due to the types of applications contained within which can be used to make major changes to Windows/any operating system/system files, etc. They’re not malicious or harmful tools (perhaps someone could use them in a malicious manner but I am not - I simply like to have these resources available for when I have major problems with one of my machines and have to make intensive system repairs). I’ve been running Kaspersky Security Cloud - Free for several months now (current version and have had no major issues. However, last night I decided just for the heck of it to be proactive and to let KSC run a full scan. I now regret doing so. ?? KSC apparently found its way onto my local network attached storage (NAS) drive and found two of these Windows PE recovery .ISO disk files and has now flagged my system as having 178 “objects”: A couple of things here are really infuriating me… ?? First of all, why can’t I select “apply to all” when I tell KSC to “Add to exclusions”? It becomes greyed out when I check the “apply to all” checkbox: I am NOT going to sit here and manually review/add each “object” one by one, 178 times… no way. I’m trying to start my day and I can’t because my desktop is hijacked by KSC’s annoying warnings and messages. I have also tried adding exceptions for the files themselves/for my entire remote network drive per the comments above in this thread and this is not working either. After I saved these manually created exception rules and noticed the warning for the found 178 objects had not gone away I then tried once again manually running a full scan, hoping that now that the exception rule was in place that these files would be re-checked and ignored but was not happy to find this not to be the case. If you exclude a file/folder it needs to be unflagged if a full scan is re-run. Do I really have to backup/export my settings, uninstall/reinstall KSC, import my saved settings, and then once again deal with making all the annoying sales pop-up advertisements and warning notifications go away every time this happens? Is this the only way to make KSC stop freaking out over files I have told it to ignore? If so, this is TERRIBLE design and I am not going to be able to use this software any longer. WIndows Defender immediately stops warning you once you add a folder/file as an exception. Kaspersky Security Cloud needs to do the same.
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