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  1. Discord for windows 11 keep failing at update due to kaspersky. Disabling the antivirus part is not enough, but desinstalling kasper makes discord works again... I really don't want to go back to miscrosoft defender, but till then, i guess i have no choice.
  2. Hello, I'm using Kaspersky security cloud ( - free version) on win 11. When i extract some zip/7z/rar files on a ssd drive (system is not on that drive), the processus called system eat about 9% of the CPU and no application answer anymore. Using process exploer i find out that one thread which has "klbackupflt.sys" as starting adress seems to be the culprit. After waiting for a while, the thread ends (or is killed ? i don't really know) and the coputer works fine again... till next time. The issue only occurs when extracting file (using 7zip) on that SSD. This ssd contains only one partition, and is only there to store data. System is installed on a separated m2 drive. According to google search, this klbackupflt.sys is Kaspersky lab backup file. That's why i'm asking for help here. So what can i do to get rid of that issue once for all ?
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