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  1. OK, that was a stupid mistake on my part. After entering login details a window appeared. That window required me to confirm I consent with terms of use. I have misrepresented that window as just another annoying cookie consent window and I always clicked on close. Since I did not confirmed my consent I was not logged in. To be honest, UX design of the consent window could be improved to avoid such confusion.
  2. Hi, I tried to login to My Kaspersky account in order to check my license keys but I cannot login. I provide correct e-mail and password (I use a password manager) and I DO NOT get wrong mail/password message. After entering correct login details I am redirected back to homepage my.kaspersky.com but I am not logged in. (I have tried to use Firefox and Chrome but the result is the same.) Could you help me with this someone, please. When I want to ask for technical support from the KIS software, I am directed to my.kaspersky.com. But since I cannot login, I am stuck. Thanks a lot.
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