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  1. Hi, Yes that seems to be apparent. I am assuming that there is a limit for a reason and I accept that I can only have 100 subscriptions to My Kaspersky account but surely I should be able to remove the inactive subscriptions to make room for more active ones. I see no purpose keeping the inactive subscriptions that are not linked to at least one device. How do I delete unused subscriptions?
  2. Dear Kaspersky support, Today I have reached some sort of limit on how many activation codes I can add to the My Kaspersky portal (see attached screenshot). Disconnecting devices with expired licenses didn't help and I am unable to remove the existing inactive subscriptions, I am only able to hide them. There are like 62 inactive subscriptions compared to the 29 active ones. So those 62 are just taking up unnecessary space on the limit of My Kaspersky account. Any assistance would be appreciated it. Thank you. King Regards Mark
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