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  1. No it is not set to auto review, but I had purchased a new license for 2019-2020 separately in the hopes that old one will get deactivated and new one will take over and it worked as expected except for the dialog. @FLOOD are you in the engineering team for KPM?
  2. Thanks for the response, Let me try to answer as much as possible Mac OS - 10.13.6 (17G9016) KPM version / 1573725116_6356 When (what date) did the premium subscription msg first display? Started Today (Nov-24-2019), morning USA PST Time How did/does the premium subscription msg display - immediately after sign on, every hour, (when) x action is selected, once a day? It displayed only once, when I launched, I don’t remember it was before or after signin In the 24hrs preceeding the msg first appearing, were there any hardware, software, network, environmental changes, anything at all ? No hardware change, no software aswell, I reboot wifi router few times to work with wifi LED blubs. Is your computer and the MyKaspersky account Devices, synced? I use KPM pretty frequently, so I would assume it is synced. I did not do any manual sync. Have you disconnected and resynced the Device? I did not disconnect and resync, it resycned on it’s own once the message showed up. Earlier KPM showed a message saying that license expired, then showed the dialog I have attached. i..e KPM got the new license info. I see in my notification (https://my.kaspersky.com/) that there is a expired license for previous year. What “Notification” settings are configured? Notifications are all default, no change to them. Have you raised the issue with Kaspersky Technical Support? Did not contact technical support, because it is not a problem for me, I have the correct license, this was just to let technical team know about the bug on how the message is shown. let me know if you need more help.
  3. The license is valid until sep/2020, but either ways the message is contradicting. i.e. I am using premium or not using premium.
  4. I have premium subscription, but this dialog tells me to get one.
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