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  1. I can see that but it isn’t working as I would like. It’s doesn’t auto fill passwords and it is too much hassle to keep having to put the password in. Might as well use Key Chain.
  2. Thank you for explaining. I find the fingerprints set up isn’t reliable. Password Manager doesn’t work correctly on iOS so will remove it.
  3. The problem is that it doesn’t work the same as in Windows 10. I load the application, put the master password in and leave the app open. When I log in to various websites I have to type the password in again - it does not auto fill, despite having selected that option in iOS settings. It just doesn’t work properly. I have used Kaspersky security for many years and that’s why I chose Password Manager but I will have to give up because I need one that works perfectly across all devices. It really is too much hassle on iOS.
  4. Thank you for explaining. That is exactly what I have been doing and I still have to input the password each time I log on to a website. It doesn’t remain open.
  5. Please can you tell me what you mean by ‘unloaded’?
  6. Thank you. I will submit the ticket as requested.
  7. I downloaded it from the App Store but I don’t have that setting. I only have ‘never’ for the auto lock vault, which I have selected but it doesn’t work. Is there another app?
  8. I am using the free version of KPM at the moment. Please can you tell me if the paid for version will enable me to use it on my iPad Air2? Currently it is installed correctly but it won’t stay open and every time I want to use it on a website I have to click the key icon which then brings up the options. If I choose Kaspersky I have to put the master password in. If the paid for version will work as on my Windows 10 laptop I will subscribe.
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