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  1. hmm i just found out, the problem is kaspersky is not support in my country indonesia (maybe) then i was directed to the malaysia server. i figure it out from this link https://my.kaspersky.com/?action=recover&locale=en-MY i try to use kaspersky vpn > login again, banggg it work. when it ask region or language or something (i forget) yes my country does not support, that i can see is only malaysia, so i choose usa ?
  2. at the beginning after installation complate and he ask for login "connect to my kaspersky to active protection..." there is no other option rip ?
  3. No, its Kaspersky Security Cloud
  4. Hi again, i cant seem to login. its keep looping me to input email > password > please wait > and backto email > password > please wait > .. even i try to make new one the verification code dosent work. i try typing password 1by1, relaunch, run admin, restart pc, reinstall but its keep looping me to login
  5. Hi, how to delete incompatible software (norton antivirus), this just makes keep me restart my pc over and over. but there is no norton antivirus installed in my pc, pretty sure
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