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  1. I ended up turning off virus scanning on download via the registry at HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Attachments by changing the ScanWithAntivirus entry from 3 to 1. The only things I download on this machine are programs from known good sites, so I’m not really worried about this. Thanks for all the assistance Flood!
  2. Win 10x64 1903, latest builds of both Chrome and KIS. I’m unfortunately not in front of my pc at the moment or I’d grab the exact builds.
  3. I can't download any files on my new computer via Google Chrome to a network drive. Each time I try, I get "Virus Scan Failed". Only Chrome is affected, and only network drives. If I turn off File Anti-Virus in Kaspersky, I can download no problem. I have the scope set in File Anti-Virus to not check network drives, but it seems it's doing this anyway. Anyone have any idea where to look from here? I used the same program on my old computer, downloaded to the same location, and it always worked, I never had to make changes to it.
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