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  1. In case anyone encounters a problem similar to this one: With the help of Kaspersky support, what solved it was to download the key file from https://keyfile.kaspersky.com/en/ (since I only had the activation key) and activate KES with the key file.
  2. In addition to the previous post, event 201 "Event type: End User License Agreement violated" was also found in Windows Event Viewer under "Kaspersky Endpoint Security". Any tips on how to resolve this situation are most welcome!
  3. Hello, When trying to activate KES by entering the activation key (I was not given the key file), for a moment the activation is completed (Activation completed successfully) and then shortly after it goes back to not activated again (Application is not activated). I've already tried uninstalling/installing KES both locally and deploying via KSC but the problem persists. What can be done? Device operating system: Windows 10 Pro Kaspersky software: Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows (11.10.0) (English) (Lite encryption) Kaspersky Security Center 13 Network Agent ( Kaspersky Security Center 13
  4. As far as I could verify (in KSC Server properties), the two license files ( .key files) that I received from Kaspersky, were already added to KSC before the error message I mentioned in my previous post. So, should Kaspersky have to send me some other license file (in addition to the two that I received and added to the KSC) so that I would enable the patch management functionality?
  5. Hello! We have a license called "Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business - Advanced Brazilian Edition" (Kaspersky Security Center 10.5.1781). When we try to run a task called "Install required updates and fix vulnerabilities" we get the error message "This operation requires a license for the feature Vulnerability and Patch Management". What do I need to do to run this task?
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