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  1. Yes!! I can confirm that the latest database update (I currently have 16/08/2022 06:31) has solved the issue for me too, and I can boot up with no errors and run AI Suite 3. Phew!! Many thanks to Kaspersky from me and my fans (the spinning ones, I mean - I don't have any of the other sort!!)
  2. I've been experiencing this issue since around 11 August 2022 (Windows 10 21H1 build19043.1889; KIS; Asus AI Suite 3 v 3.00.13). I have tried the KIS manual database update at 1600 hrs today 15 August, and have done a full shutdown and fresh startup, but I still get the atkexCom.axdata error, unfortunately. My KIS database release is 15/08/2022 13:17. Not sure if that time is corrected for user location, but I'm in UK which is GMT+1 at the moment. I'll try another manual update later today or first thing tomorrow and keep my fingers crossed....
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