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  1. Thanks for the advice, but I have these extensions installed for non Safe Money activity too. I've actually corrected the problem by going to Kaspersky, More Tools, Clean Optimise, Privacy Cleaner and ran that. Success.
  2. Thank you: I had already uninstalled (retaining acct details) and reinstalled Kaspersky Total Security the day before I made this post trying to correct it without having to ask others on this forum. Reinstalling made NO difference, it still happens. You say "reinstall on-top Kaspersky" do you mean just run the program on top of my existing one, the one I did three days ago? Thanks
  3. Hi, every time I access Safe Money in a protected window Kaspersky disables three extensions, Adblock, Google New Tab, Custom New Tab etc. Then when I return to the standard browser and select a new tab, instead of being presented with the page I want (Google) I'm hit with Windows Edge and the only remedy is to go to manage extensions and enable them. Is there anything I can do about this? Thanks
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