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  1. Hi, I've double-checked both of my installations and that setting was already unticked on my desktop PC but ticked on my laptop. It makes sense to leave it like that on my laptop tbh, as I may be connecting to other networks than my home.
  2. I'm running Kaspersky Plus I've had problems for a while now with automatic database update not seeming to work, so I am regularly getting notifications that the database is out of date. I've tried the recommended setting of Automatic, and there is only 1 user on my PC (an admin user). If I check under the Security tab now it tells me: The last update was yesterday, so the "Never" part is incorrect. I've had the same issue on my laptop (again 1 user, admin rights) and switched that to hourly and that seems to work fine. How is automatic updating supposed to work, and is my experience expected behaviour?
  3. Hi Igor, I’ve reinstalled Kaspersky Protection extension (via the link provided) and the issue does not reoccur. I can still access my gmail inbox successfully.
  4. Hi Igor, This worked for me. Removed the Kaspersky Protection extension (although I think the reset would have done that anyway), reset the settings. I could immediately get to Gmail and it prompted me for email and password login. Once completed I could access my gmail inbox. Many thanks!
  5. I am having the same issue on a machine running patch j. My 2nd machine running patch i is fine, although there is a difference between the two in the status of the browser extension. OS: Win10 1909 (18363.752) Edge version: 81.0.416.53 (64-bit) KS version: (j) Kaspersky Protection extension is not installed. Machine 2: OS: Win10 1909 (18363.752) Edge version: 81.0.416.53 (64-bit) KS version: (i) Kaspersky Protection extension is installed and enabled.
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